Assets, Currencies and Tokens

The Nxt blockchain provides a complete, stable, secure and trustworthy record of transactions within the Nxt eco-system. Enabled by its advanced blockchain architecture, Nxt can be used to create, distribute and use two kinds of user-defined tokens, as well as supporting the native NXT crypto-currency.

In order to do this, Nxt provides a selection of powerful tools to these create customised tokens on the blockchain, either as Assets or the more complex Monetary System currencies.
These tokens can be used by projects to build a bridge from the virtual world of digital currency to the real world: a token can represent literally anything: property, stocks/bonds, commodites, or even concepts.

In short, the Nxt network can be used to trade anything. Tokens can be used in many other ways than purely trading, though: a token could give voting rights in an organisation, for example.

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