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Setup an archive node
Last Updated 4 years ago

To setup a full archive node that keeps all prunable messages you require to do the below steps

  1. Add/change the below configuration parameters in your config file
    • nxt.includeExpiredPrunable=true
    • nxt.maxPrunableLifetime=-1
  2. Restart your node
  3. Retreive prunable messages
    1. Go to http://localhost:7876/test
    2. Locate the "retreivePrunedData" api
    3. Provide your server admin password and click the "submit" button
      • This process may take a while to complete, you can view the progress in the nxt.log logfile
      • When the api complets you will receive an output similar to this { "numberOfPrunedData": 31532, "requestProcessingTime": 27867, "done": true } which provides you with the number of pruned data retreived
      • Re-run the api after it completed and verify that the output shows "numberOfPrunedData" variable as 0 { "numberOfPrunedData": 0, "requestProcessingTime": 27, "done": true }
    4. Your node is now a full archive node!

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