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What are Clients?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Nxt Clients can be offered by anybody. Actually a client is a beatiful representation of the Nxt API. It let's you use the different Nxt functions in a different setup and ordered differently so it creates an easier access for user to use the Nxt Software. There are a lot of different Clients out there which have different purposes and show different Information from the Blockchain. 
Nxt has an official Wallet, which serves to use all the Nxt functions in an easy environment. It gives all the information and possibilities Nxt can offer. It is Open-Source under the MIT License and the code can be seen here:

The official Nxt Wallet is an HTML, Javascript framework with several libraries (see 3rdparty licenses).
As Open-Source it also aims to attract more developers to look into the code and improving it. So if you find something you could do better, please fork and propose your chages.

Find other Clients in the Nxt dedicated Forum:

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