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Who owns Nxt?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Nxt is an Open-Source Software. It is currently maintained by the Nxt Foundation and Nxt Core Developers, who have formed themselves around the Source-Code originally written by BCNext
As Open-Source peer-to-peer Sotware Nxt everybody can read the source code and also contribute to it. The code is developed on BitBucket, an Open-Source version manager. Jean-Luc is the current lead-developer of Nxt. You can find the repository here:

To find information on new Releases and Discussions about the Source code please refer to the Forum:

With the oppurtunity for everyone to fork the source code, contribute to it and use it together with all the other peers Nxt is owned by the community creating and forming it. When the majority of nodes in the Network run a different Software of Nxt, Nxt will change. Get part of it and involved to make it a better Software for everyone.

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