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SuperNET Lite Wallet 3.0 Released!

April 20, 2016 | Category: News

What is the SuperNET Lite Wallet?

SuperNET-Lite is a html based wallet for virtual currencies. You can use Nxt, Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH, Dogecoin and other currencies with your wallet. You can store and use your coins easily. The Wallet is a nodejs based Wallet, coming with executable for Windows, Linux and Mac.

SuperNET Lite Wallet supported coins

Supported Coins

Nxt (NXT), Bitcoin (BTC), BitcoinDark (BTCD), Dash (DASH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Influx (INFX), Litecoin (LTC), Opalcoin (OPAL) and Vericoin (VRC)

DASH and INFX are new additions to the SuperNET Lite multiwallet, and Influx joins the Multigateway infrastructure sponsoring one of the servers.


SuperNET-Lite connects to public nodes in the Nxt Network. Due to the lightweight nature of Nxt and the service to allow Assets and other Blockchain services, we can expand on the rich server structure of Nxt. The MultiGateWay service allows to store coins in distributed multi-signature accounts, and delivers equivalent coin tokens that can be used from your Nxt account in the SuperNET Lite Wallet. Furthermore, you can use the complete Nxt client with your account, investing in any Asset on the Nxt Blockchain.

SuperNET Nxt Lite Wallet


SuperNET-Lite is based on html, javascript and nodejs. The Nxt NRS framework and Jay provide a javascript wrapper which creates and signs every transaction that is made within the wallet. This signed transaction will be sent to a public node of the Nxt network. Your password never leaves your computer. Accounts are stored local in the Browser. When using incognito mode, nothing will be saved. When a local Nxt instance is running, SuperNET-Lite will use this instead of any public node. Public nodes are chosen from the websites peerexplorer.com and nxtpeers.com. Both provide a trusted service to scan the Nxt nodes and display most updated, reliable and secure (hallmarked) Nxt nodes. The framework developed by @jonesnxt and @tosch110 then tests various nodes for time hashes and speed to find the best node for you to use.


The SuperNET Lite wallet uses the NRS and Jay framework. The NRS Framework is made from the Nxt developers, who secure that transactions are wrapper with javascript and your passphrase (the passphrase will never leave your browser), before they get sent to the node. You can have your localnode running (install and run Nxt – open CORS), if not, you will connect to a random public node from the Nxt Network. The Jay Framework provides some additional Nxt JavaScript functions that put another layer of security upon the NRS Framework. Jay checks several public nodes against each other to provide the quickest and most responsible node from the Nxt framework.

SuperNET Lite Wallet

How to open CORS: https://medium.com/@Damelon/coding-for-nxt-crypto-platform-1-c3580b4cfd38#.7mswh42qu

Installation Advices


Run supernet.exe


Open a terminal window in the SuperNET Lite folder and start it with ./supernet


Open the Terminal in the SuperNET Lite folder and type ./supernet_mac

If one of the above options does not work, quickly install nodejs and run

node server.js


Donate in NXT or any crypto via the SuperNET Dashboard to: NXT-CJQ9-7CAG-8FW4-7F9P8

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