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Nxt Foundation moves to A Lab Amsterdam

March 23, 2016 | Category: News

A Lab Amstedam


The Nxt Foundation, Nxt’s own business facilitors, have moved to one of Amsterdam’s prime locations of innovation: A Lab.

A Lab, located in the heart of Amsterdam, is a breeding ground for innovative startups.

Nxt Foundation’s Bas Wisselink explains the move:

The Nxt Foundation was in need of a dedicated working space, but we didn’t want to move into a space that was too “officy”. We visited A Lab when we participated in one of the local blockchain meetups here in Amsterdam, the Bitcoin Wednesday, and immediately felt attracted to it. The mix of creatives and technologists that A Lab provides, as well as their openness to initiatives makes it an ideal place to work. We have always believed that cryptocurrency initiatives need to get out of their bubble and engage with other disciplines. In A Lab, this is not only possible, but unavoidable. The fact that they serve good coffee and delicious sandwiches had absolutely nothing to do with our decision.


The Nxt Foundation located in A Lab Amsterdam

A Lab itself is best described in their own words:

A Lab is Amsterdam’s ultimate living lab,
combining the strength of Amsterdam’s creative scene, technological prowess and free thinking spirit into a 5000m2 hothouse for bleeding edge experimentation.

We host creatives and technologists and catalyze labs that are exploring the way we will live in the networked society that is upon us. We spin out ideas, companies and have as much appreciation for success as for failure.

Our communities are our strength, our location our inspiration, our programming our success. You can rent a desk, an office or a inspiration space here. In our physical and virtual labs we bring together ecosystems that change the world. To name a few, A Journalism Lab, A Social Robotics Lab, A Culture Lab, A IoT Lab, A Music Lab.

The Nxt Foundation plans to organise events at A Lab to educate developers, entrepeneurs and startups about Nxt. They also will be seeking collaboration with other Amsterdam based companies to expand Nxt’s user base and adoption.

Nxt is a 2.0 blockchain platform that features such innovations as a decentralised Asset Exchange, Voting System and Data Cloud. All of its released functions are tested and can be used at this moment.

For more information about the Nxt, Nxt Foundation or to make an appointment, please contact Bas Wisselink (bas@nxtfoundation.org).


4 thoughts on “Nxt Foundation moves to A Lab Amsterdam”

  1. Farl says:

    What a great place to have the Nxt Foundation office. I see a lot of interesting members there, would be nice if they get introduced to Nxt during a lunch. 🙂

  2. Renaldo Melkert says:

    Hi Nxt,

    Pretty cool what you guy’s are doing.

    Via the Erasmus university in Rotterdam I conducted many scientific researches regarding alternative currencies and local exchange trading systems.

    Therefore I know a lot of things regarding the barriers and facilitators of trading systems which might be valuable for the growth of Nxt platform and/or to support your clients.

    At the moment I am looking for nice opportunities where I can share this knowledge and experience to scale up initiatives in a win-win situation.

    Therefore I am curious if there is a potential match. Feel free to send me a text to discuss some of the opportunities.

    Looking forward hearing from you.



    E-mail: renaldomelkert@gmail.com
    Skype: rnldmlkrt
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/renaldomelkert/

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