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Nxt Announces the Release of ARDR

October 13, 2016 | Category: News

The Nxt Foundation has announced the end of the Ardor snapshotting period. This conclusion marks the release of ARDR to the public. ARDR represents direct ownership of the native tokens for the upcoming Ardor blockchain.

Ardor Launched

The Ardor blockchain, with an estimated Q3 2017 release date, aims to give businesses, organizations, and users the ability to utilize advanced blockchain technology through the use of a child chain. Ardor also solves the issue of blockchain bloat by having child chain transactions pruned every 1440 blocks (approximately 24 hours) after a snapshot. However, this data can still be stored on an archival node should the full child chain transaction history be required to be kept. When Ardor is launched, Nxt will continue to remain supported as long as it is used.

Excitement for Ardor pulled the NXT market capitalization to a peak of over 32 million USD in July. Upon the release of ARDR, trading began immediately on the decentralized Asset Exchange of Nxt with centralized exchanges like HitBTC, Bittrex, and Poloniex, as well as the direct conversion service Changelly, following shortly afterwards. The Nxt Foundation has also created an Ardor trading guide for those unfamiliar with the Asset Exchange.

In order to claim your ARDR, you must ensure your Nxt Client is version 1.10.1 or higher, preferably the latest version. You can download it directly from the Nxt website. If you kept your NXT on any of the participating exchanges, your ARDR should have been distributed to you as well on those respective exchanges.

6 thoughts on “Nxt Announces the Release of ARDR”

  1. wenfu feng says:


    My NXT coins has been in the online wallet and at the end of Ardor token screen shot period it show 0 Ardor on the online wallet.

    Can any help ? just need to know where I can claim my Ardor token.


    1. Nxtadmin says:

      You can ask for support on that website. Or join the Nxt Slack channel: https://nxtchat.herokuapp.com/ on channel #helpdesk.

  2. Ryan says:

    What’s the relationship of NXT and Ardor,is ardor blockchain independent on nxt, or Ardor blockchain will boost NXT?

    1. Nxtadmin says:

      Ardor is Nxt 2.0. Nxt will stay alive and usable.

  3. William Segui says:

    I have had 1000 NXT coins on Bittrex for some time now.Will I receive any Ardor tokens?I want to get my coins off the exchange,but with the NXT wallet being no good by the end of 2017 should I wait until Jan.2018?

    1. Alex says:

      I am in the same exact situation. Did you receive an answer on this? Thank you.

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