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Introducing Jelurida

October 7, 2016 | Category: News

The Nxt development team, creators of the advanced and feature-rich blockchain Nxt, and designers of the upcoming and ground-breaking Ardor platform, are excited to announce the incorporation of Jelurida BV, a new start-up headquartered in the Netherlands.

Jelurida BV has been incorporated to protect the Intellectual Property rights of the Nxt Core Development team with respect to the Nxt, and, soon, Ardor, code.

Jelurida BV, as holder of the intellectual property rights for the Nxt software and the Ardor platform, aims to create a sustainable and thriving business around the Nxt ecosystem by providing software licenses, maintenance, and services to a new breed of blockchain-based applications. By establishing Jelurida BV, we simplify this process by allowing the company to act on behalf of the core developers.

The incorporation of Jelurida BV addresses a growing need of the blockchain industry to provide solutions for use in corporate environments and is targeted at creating a sustainable business model which will benefit the Nxt community in various ways such as a brand identification as well as a further statement to the integrity of the code. This will further encourage projects to consider using the Nxt and Ardor blockchains for their needs and thus increase their overall usage.

Jelurida will continue to release the Nxt software under the open source GPLv2 license, making it available for free use and modifications as long as any derived software is published under this same open source license.

Press contact: Bas Wisselink (info@jelurida.com)

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