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Ignis ICO

July 9, 2017 | Category: News

We hear a lot of questions about the coming launch of Ardor and especially Ignis, the first child chain on Ardor blockchain. There wasn’t much information available yet, because the development of this unique platform takes time and is never done before. Fortunately, the developers of Nxt and Ardor (Jelurida) posted information about the upcoming ICO for Ignis. To be certain that we post then information correct, the post of Ignis ICO is copied from the website of the developers.


Ignis ICO

Jelurida is developing its next generation scalable blockchain platform – Ardor, currently running on a testnet. The unique design of this platform allows the simultaneous existence of multiple fully featured blockchain instances (child chains) with their security guaranteed on global level by the parent Ardor chain. The first child chain of Ardor will be the Ignis child chain which will use IGNIS tokens for its operation.

IGNIS and ARDR coins will be allocated to user accounts in the Ardor genesis block. Their distribution will be based on a one-time snapshot conducted over the Nxt blockchain (the “Ardor Genesis Snapshot”), to be performed shortly before the Ardor launch, as follows:

IGNIS distribution

The total amount of IGNIS coins issued will be equal to half of the amount of NXT coins existing on the Nxt blockchain at the time of the Ardor Genesis Snapshot, plus 500 M (five hundred million).

As already promised, approximately half of the IGNIS coins will be reserved and distributed automatically to the NXT holders based on their account balances at the time of the Ardor Genesis Snapshot, at 1 NXT = 0.5 IGNIS ratio.

From the remaining 500 M (five hundred million) IGNIS, 420 M (four hundred and twenty million) will be offered to the general public in a crowdsale (ICO), and 80 M (eighty million) will be kept by Jelurida. The funds raised during the IGNIS token sale will be used for the further development, maintenance, advancement and world-wide promotion of the Nxt and Ardor blockchain platforms, as well as protecting the intellectual property of the code base.

The Jelurida team is now happy to announce that the legal, technical and organizational preparations for the IGNIS ICO are entering their final stage. The ICO will start near the end of July or early August 2017 (exact date and time to be disclosed at least two weeks in advance).

The token sale itself will be conducted on the Nxt blockchain platform. A “controllable currency” called JLRDA will be issued and offered for sale in several consecutive rounds. The price of the JLRDA tokens will be denominated in NXT and will increase at each round. Each round will continue one week and there will be at least one week break between subsequent rounds. The first few rounds will be priced attractively compared to the 2:1 snapshot ratio, but the price will increase significantly for the later rounds.

Being a controllable currency, the JLRDA tokens will not be tradeable or transferable between user accounts. The purchased JLRDA currency units will only serve as a proof of ownership and initial IGNIS balance for the Ardor Genesis Snapshot. A controllable currency was chosen to prevent trades from happening while the token sale is ongoing so that purchases of JLRDA directly contribute to funding the development of the platform.

Purchasing JLRDA tokens will require NXT, however users will be able to exchange other cryptocurrencies to NXT conveniently within the Nxt wallet using the integrated ShapeShift and Changelly third party exchanges, subject to availability.

The Ardor Genesis Snapshot will be performed at least two weeks after the end of the last JLRDA sale round.

For 1 JLRDA token the participants in the ICO will receive 1 IGNIS coin at the time of the Ardor Genesis Snapshot.

ARDR distribution

The ARDR coin distribution will be 100% based on ARDR asset balances from the Nxt blockchain, in 1:1 ratio, with each user account automatically receiving the same number of ARDR coins on the Ardor platform as the number of ARDR tokens they have at the time of the snapshot. As a reminder, ARDR tokens on the Nxt blockchain were allocated to NXT holders based on their average NXT balances during a three month period in 2016. ARDR tokens have been freely tradeable ever since. No new ARDR coins will be created.


All official information regarding the IGNIS ICO will be published on this website only. If you receive information from other sources always make sure that it is consistent with this page.

We hope we provided you with more information about the Ardor and Ignis launch. If you have more questions go to Nxtforum.org of join Nxt Slack.

33 thoughts on “Ignis ICO”

  1. shachi g chandra says:

    i am currently holding onto 3846 ardr on bittrex. do i need to have nxt or ignis separately in order to retain my ardr value? how will ardr change after 1st august? i have faith in ardr and dont want to give up on them. i am a newbie. please help.

  2. Nxtadmin says:

    You don’t own coins unless they are in your own wallet. You will only get real Ardor coins for your ARDR when they are in your own wallet. Exchanges can give the real Ardor coins too, but they have to manage it themselves. They will probably give you the coins, but holding coins/assets in your wallet is always the safest.

    1. jam says:


      So will Ardor currently stored in https://wallet.mynxt.info/

      be automatically credited as true Ardor on the Ardor chain?

      And if so, how can this newly credited Ardor be accessed ?

  3. Saint says:

    How will I receive my IGNIS coins if I hold NXT on poloniex?

    1. Nxtadmin says:

      That is something Poloniex has to arrange. IGNIS will automatically be transfered to Nxt accounts in the core which hold NXT.

      1. Tommirr says:

        And when will this be, is there a date known? Is there also a date for the snapshot?

  4. Alexander Steinhoff says:

    The quote seems to be outdated with regards to the ICO details. From the source: “From the remaining 500 M (five hundred million) IGNIS, 440 M (four hundred and forty million) will be offered to the general public in a crowdsale (ICO), and 60 M (sixty million) will be kept by Jelurida.” In your quote it says 420 and 80 million.

  5. james says:

    will i get my ignis if i leave my nxt in an exchange or should i leave it in a wallet?

  6. Mohit Bhatia says:

    if i only hold 10000 nxt coinas and 0 ardr will i get 5000 ignis coins at poloniex

  7. Jeremy says:

    Do I need to have a minimum amount of NXT in my wallet to claim the ARDR tokens I have in that same wallet?

    I would like to spend a majority of my NXT on the JLRDA sale on the 5th and want to make sure I keep enough NXT in my wallet if I need to.

  8. Jorge says:

    What wallet can I use for Nxt? I bought some on Bittrex, but from the messages above I understand I don’t owned them until I tranfer to a wallet. Please advise.

    1. Jorge says:

      Is this the only wallet I can use https://wallet.mynxt.info/?

  9. Iwan says:

    I have held nxt at vip.bitcoin.co.id on August 5, will I get IGNIS coin?

  10. Mr hung says:

    How will I receive my IGNIS coins if I hold NXT on bittrex?

  11. Haavard says:


    Will Poloniex arrange for the distribution of Ignis? Thank you very much!


  12. naziur says:

    hi , if i buy some nxt and ardor , do i still qualify for free bits.
    i am new any advice will be helpful

  13. choi hyoung il says:

    I am a person who purchases coins in Korea.
    If you do not own nxt coin, do not participate in the icono coin and then insert the IGNIS coin.
    Do you distribute it at a rate of 1:0.5?
    I’d like to know exactly what the snap period is.
    Today is August 7th.

  14. Abdul Rehman Najam says:

    so if i my nxt tokens in nxt wallet i will automatically participate in the IGNIS ICO?

  15. Mita says:

    When i get free ignis? I have NXT but in poloniex..?

  16. Nhan says:

    Can I get IGNIS through the bittrex trading platform, if I keep the NXT?!

  17. kanghoyeon says:

    I put the nxt coin in the wrong wallet address.
    It is my mistake.
    But I do not know the passphrase of the wallet that made it wrong.
    I know the address and passphrase of the rest of the wallet.
    What you need to do is just the transaction you sent from bittrex.
    Is it necessary?
    I would like to participate in ico but will I lose 4861.85 nxt?
    Please help me .

  18. Alb says:

    I have some NXT o Bittrex. How I can get a ARDR or IGNIX. I must transfer NXT to my wallet?

  19. Veli says:

    Do I need to hide the NXT in the wallet to get an IGNIS?

  20. Turtle says:

    Hi, I have a wallet.mynxt.info wallet. Nxt coins have been in there since begining of august 2017. Will i receive .5 Ignis for each Nxt as outlined above? Or do I need to run a node?

  21. orko says:

    How will I receive my IGNIS coins if I hold NXT on bittrex? 🙂 or will i?

  22. Thiện says:

    Please indicate the exact time taken to NXT to be Ignis.

  23. Stay Cryptic says:

    Which official wallets can I use for NXT & Ardor to receice ignis after the ARDR snapshot?

    Is that one from https://wallet.mynxt.info/ ok?

    And is this only for NXT or also for ARDR?

    Thanks in advance!

  24. blockmeta says:

    Does Nxt snapshot for Ignis finished yet? this is no announce for the time end .

  25. Jhon says:

    Hi how can I get my ingnis if I hold my nxt and ardor in Bittrex from 2016?

  26. Aghiad says:

    If am using Bittrex , how can i get Ignis ?

  27. Nxtadmin says:

    Ardor coins will be transferred to everyone automatically. For all support questions it’s better to go to https://nxtplatform.org/helpdesk/

  28. eko says:

    I have held nxt at vip.bitcoin.co.id will I get IGNIS coin?

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