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Exchanges Supporting the NXT Snapshot and the IGNIS Airdrop

December 22, 2017 | Category: News

*** The Nxt Snapshot will happen on December 28th at block height 1636363 ***

The Ardor launch is coming, so the NXT snapshot (December 28th) and the IGNIS Airdrop (January 1st). If you have NXT or you are planning to acquire some, remember some important facts.

The best place to store your NXT for the upcoming NXT Snapshot is in the official Nxt local wallet.

You have two options:

Option (a): You can download and install the Nxt Software, and create a Nxt account address (more details here), or login with your account if you already have one

Option (b): Or you can access this link, and log in or create a new account

For more detailed instructions, you can visit our Getting Started Guide.

If your NXT are stored in a third-party exchange, you need to make sure that the exchange that you are using will support the NXT snapshot and the IGNIS airdrop. We recommend you to look at the official announcements of the exchange. At the moment of this publication, the exchanges that have announced their support are:




Bitcoin Indonesia




Until we hear otherwise no other exchanges are participating the NXT Snapshot.

For updated official information visit the Jelurida website 


23 thoughts on “Exchanges Supporting the NXT Snapshot and the IGNIS Airdrop”

  1. Layton says:

    Can I exchange nxt for Ardor after snapshot taken?

    1. BN says:

      You can, but why would you do that? If you are also interested in ARDR just buy it also

  2. JL says:

    If I have nxt on the blockchain or mobile client or desktop client for nxt (not ardor wallet). Once the snapshot block height is reached, will my IGNIS instantly appear on my nxt dashboard? Or is there some sort of lockdown period? Please advise.

    1. Shahmeer Chaudhry says:

      Once the snapshot will happen, you can login on the Official Ardor wallet on Jan 1 using your NXT credentials and get access to your IGNIS tokens.

      1. Joe Dirt says:

        When you say the “Official Ardor Wallet” I am assuming you mean the offical NXT Jelurida wallet? https://nxt.jelurida.com/index.html seeing the Ardor wallet still sits on testnet https://ardor.jelurida.com/index.html

      2. Oleg Ivanov says:

        Couldn’t really understand! Should I move all my NXT at the first of Jan 2018 to my NXT wallet or what?? I can’t get it. Please explain how suppose to get my Ignis after the snap!

  3. Pettigrew says:

    When will poloniex announce their support? How can they sell us an asset and not honour it by converting to a token?

  4. ender says:

    If I have nxt on the exchange which supports airdrop. Once the snapshot block height is reached, will my IGNIS instantly appear on my exchange wallet? Or is there some sort of lockdown period? And what you think of the possible price of the NXT and the Ignis after the snapshot Please advise.

  5. ALBERTO says:

    Will poloniex support the snapshot and the ignis airdrop?

  6. Morgan Williams says:

    I bought some on Stocks.Exchange and Now all I have to do it #HODL 🙂

    Will I receive the airdrop to my Stocks.Exchange Account?

  7. Harneet Singh Banga says:

    Polinex is supporting ignis airdrop??

  8. enrique says:

    if i have mi nxt on bittrex, will i have then a ignis wallet with proportional token in it once they are available?

  9. Mansour says:

    how many ignis will the nxt holders will receive?

  10. Amanda Yeo says:

    I moved my NXT over from My exchange to FREE WALLET yesterday because it is listed as one of the exchanges supporting the Ignis Air Drop, however I have since read everywhere on the internet that Freewallet is a scam and steals your coins. Can anyone offer any advice please?? i.e. how do I get my NXT coins off their exchange?

  11. Ilia says:

    So if my nxt is stored to Bittrex I will get airdrop?

  12. Gordan Nikic says:

    How can I follow when the snapshot will take place?

  13. selim says:

    we strongly recommend poloniex to support the igni,s airdrop otherwise it is better to shift to another exhance

  14. Brad says:

    Does the snapshot happen the instant the blockheight is reached or do we need to hold NXT through the entire block ??

  15. JP says:

    Would be great if Poloniex could facilitate the fork as well!


    My NXT is in poloniex but i have an account with NXT, will tht be enough to get the IGNIS?

  17. Nathan says:

    Can I move my NXT from the official wallet now to the HitBTC wallet? Will the snapshot of the HitBTC wallet be included and therefore award the Ignis to the same HitBTC account?


  18. christian egbeiyon says:

    when is the deadline to hold NXT? can i buy NXT 27th of december and still get IGNIS ON 28TH OF December?

  19. Naresh Gupta says:

    I have NXT with Poloniex exchange. Will i get benefit?

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