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Ardor Roadmap

April 3, 2017 | Category: News

Jelurida, the corporation of the core development team, has recently released the updated Ardor road map on their website. We have the roadmap below for you to be aware of the planned developments for Ardor.

Ardor Testnet Blockchain

Ardor Development Roadmap

The Ardor development roadmap posted by Jelurida shows

  • Q1 2017 (done)
    • Testnet launch, parent chain with multiple child chains architecture fully implemented, including UI support
    • Cross-chain Coin Exchange
    • Child chain block creation (“bundling”), fees in native child chain coins
    • “By Holding” dividend payment transaction type
    • Major rewrite and optimization of the peer networking layer
  • Q2 2017 (in progress)
    • Additional Asset Exchange transaction type improvements
    • Prepare for the migration of aliases, holdings, and account settings from the Nxt blockchain to the IGNIS child chain
  • Q3 2017
    • Ardor mainnet launch
    • Migration of ARDR balances from the Nxt blockchain asset to the Ardor Genesis block
    • Spawn of the IGNIS child chain based on existing NXT balances, crowdfunding pre-sale, and development funds
    • Spawn of BTC, EUR, and USD pegged child chains backed by 3rd party business entities
  • Q4 2017
    • Pruning of child chain transactions and sharing of snapshot data between nodes on testnet
  • Q1 2018
    • Pruning and snapshotting implemented on mainnet
    • Additional child chains launched on mainnet
    • Support for child chain specific transaction types
  • Research projects
    • Child chain specific subnets to improve scalability
    • Blockchain pruning of the Ardor parent chain
    • Child chain specific parameters such as block times and message size
    • Allow user issued child chains

More information about Ardor: Ardorplatform.org.

16 thoughts on “Ardor Roadmap”

  1. Mai says:

    Dear NXT team!

    Please explain me the reason why ARDR is aggressive dropping from last week until now.
    Investment at that time is it right?

    Many thanks

  2. nickeles kerkinni says:

    what differs you guys from other tokens that do similar if not exactly your same features. I have been looking on coinmarketcap.com for the coins that have a powerful use that can replace current models and disrupt markets. I like what you guys are doing. What is 1 difference that seperates your platform from others.

    please respond to this email, im extremely interested in cryptocurrencys and I want to support the models that will have a innovative and powerful use in society.

    1. Julien says:

      Nxtadmin did you receive the answer to your questions
      I am also very interested about model that can replace current models and disrupt markets.
      I would like to speak to you.
      Please write me on my email : julien@artrakt.com

  3. Nxtadmin says:

    Ardor is the only blockchain which is 100% PoS and has a system of a motherchain and childchains. Everybody can create a blockchain on top of Ardor, but don’t have to care about security and consensus. Ardor is managing this. Nxt/Ardor is also the first second generation blockchain with many features, like the asset exchange, monetary system, marketplace, voting working for years now. We are proven safe, not an experimental project.

  4. junho jo says:

    Ignis coin ico When is the start date of the third quarter of July?

    1. Nxtadmin says:

      No start date known yet. Q3 of 2017. Keep an eye on this blog for more info.

  5. paul says:

    do we have to take the nxt from exchanges ( bittrex or polo ) in order to get IGNIS?

    1. Nxtadmin says:

      Exchanges have to decide for themselves what to do with the IGNIS they will automatically receive. Be safe and keep them in your own wallet.

  6. Li says:

    Taking ARDR can get IGNIS? Or only NXT can get IGNIS?

    1. Nxtadmin says:

      Only NXT gives you IGNIS.

  7. CCCC says:

    When do you hold NXT when you can get IGNIS, and the 50% is for ICO? ICO what time is it?

    1. Nxtadmin says:

      There is no exact time announced yet. Keep an eye on this website, Twitter, Slack and the forum.

  8. Li says:

    Which token is accepted for IGNIS ICO? BTC and ARDR?

  9. Colette McDonald says:

    Nxtadmin How will the IGNIS be distributed to the Nxe, Will it be 1 IGNIS for every 2 Nxe bought.?

  10. Martin says:

    Is it OK to leave my ardr and nxt collection on the major exchanges to participate in the Ignis transition ? Or is moving the assets required for this transition??

  11. Nxtadmin says:

    Thanks for all your replies. I advice to go to https://nxtforum.org or join Slack https://nxtchat.herokuapp.com for all your questions regarding Ardor and IGNIS.

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