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Announcing Ardor!

June 19, 2016 | Category: News

The Nxt core dev team is letting anyone get into the blockchain space with a new child chain platform, Ardor, which will incorporate the technologies proven for years by the Nxt 1.0 cryptocurrency and blockchain. Soon, anyone will be able to create their own solutions using the blockchain technology with the Ardor child chains.

Nxt Ardor snapshotting

Nxt is undergoing a dramatic evolution. Research by the Nxt team has led to Ardor, a platform that uses child chains and incorporates all of Nxt’s latest blockchain innovations while being backed by the core developers of Nxt. Ardor is more than just about money: It’s about making a blockchain platform that is open to everyone, from single users all the way up to FinTech startups and governments, and one where anyone can create their own child chain and interact with the whole blockchain ecosystem. That means anyone, anywhere, will be able to utilize blockchain services with relative ease.

We can’t give away too much until the final features of Ardor are tested repeatedly.

But, here are a few of the features coming with the new Ardor release:

1. Offering Blockchain as a Service – Ardor will open blockchain development to organizations and individuals across the world. The high barriers to getting started with blockchain are about to vanish.

2. Manageable Blockchain Size – Ardor will solve the problem of scalability by separating transactions and data that do not affect security from those that do, and moving all of those that don’t affect security onto child chains. The Ardor team will create the first child chain to house many Nxt 1.0 tools as well as future features. This small size also comes with short transaction times so processes need only a fraction of time compared to Bitcoin to execute functions.

3. A Decentralized Asset Exchange – Building off of the Asset Exchange on Nxt, Ardor will enable the ability to trade assets on any child chain for any of the child chain tokens. This allows child chains to interact with each other and opens up numerous opportunities for collaboration as well as allow cross chain asset trading, a long-requested feature within the Nxt ecosystem.

4. Decentralized Voting and Governance Systems – Ardor will be at the core of decentralized consensus in the future. Secure and anonymous voting will be an available feature on all child chains as it is on the Nxt platform.

5. Phased Transactions – Users can set multiple conditions before a transaction is executed, such as a minimum number of votes and a set amount of time. Like Nxt, Ardor will use Smart Transactions. With this, users will only need to submit the parameters necessary for the transaction and the ID of the functionality they want to use. The transaction process is also completely decentralized. No centralized server, service, or application, like Ethereum’s Oracle, is needed.

“Rather than providing smart contracts, NXT is focused on implementing the important use cases and functions directly into the core of both Nxt and Ardor. This approach has proven to be scalable and secure and will become more so when Ardor is released” – Riker

These are a few of the things Ardor will give you and the cryptocurrency community. As development continues and testing is finalized, you’ll get a detailed analysis of each of the new tools, as well as the core features built into Ardor. We’ll also reveal, step-by-step, a list of our partners and what they’re doing with our technology.

This is all possible because of new developments within the Nxt community. Decision-making and planning is becoming more professionalized. The community and team structure are adjusting to the new demands while the Nxt and Ardor technology remains entirely open source. Ardor is more than a cryptocurrency – it’s a blockchain platform specifically designed to let anyone build decentralized tools with the latest innovations in blockchain technology.

How to get Ardor

You’ll be able to participate in Ardor right away. As Ardor continues testing and development, Nxt 1.9 will be released. With Nxt 1.9, you’ll get your first chance to own a piece of Ardor. All those who hold an amount of NXT will also get a piece of Ardor. Snapshots will start be taken on an hourly basis, starting on July 14th to October 13th. Then, your total NXT will be averaged, and you’ll receive that amount in Ardor tokens on October 12th, which will be freely tradeable up until the Ardor system launches.

At block 1,000,000 on October 13th, 2016, snapshotting will stop, and you’ll be allowed to trade your Ardor tokens in NXT 1.10 in preparation for the launch of the Ardor blockchain.

After Ardor has launched, Nxt 1.0 will remain active and supported. Nxt 1.0 is the giant on which Ardor is built and it will remain running as a core component of the Nxt eco-system, functioning as a complete blockchain solution in its own right, as well as assisting in the development and refinement of the Ardor blockchain platform.

There’ll be a lot more news in the weeks and months to come. Ardor aims to be a powerful platform for users and businesses alike by building on the technology pioneered by Bitcoin and Nxt. If you would like to be a part of it, acquire NXT now and get your stake in Ardor!


Ardor is brought to you by the core development team from Nxt. After years of building and testing the Nxt platform, the team is going to involve the public even more. As the first Blockchain 2.0 platform, the community has continually improved Nxt and now looks forward to release Ardor for companies, organizations, and of course, users.

Edit: for more information on the Roadmap, please go here: http://nxt.org/roadmap or go directly to https://www.ardorplatform.org.


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54 thoughts on “Announcing Ardor!”

  1. Eli says:

    I’m a newbie in NXT. How can I join in this project?

    1. Nxtadmin says:

      Hi Eli,

      You can join Ardor by buying NXT and hold it in your Nxt Wallet. More info here: https://nxt.org/get-started/for-you/

  2. L.Fied says:

    Short question on the snapshotting: Do the NXT need to be in a wallet or can they be on an exchange like poloniex, too? And if they can be on an exchange: Will the amount of Ardor be granted on your exchange account?

    1. Nxtadmin says:

      Hi L. Fied,

      The exchanges Poloniex, BTC38 and Bitrexx have agreed to divide Ardor to users of the exchanges. I don’t know how they will integrate it.

      1. GnT says:

        Great thanks, I’ve been holding NXT for some time. Good luck with the launch!

        I’m just wondering about snapshotting also, you will provide the averaging information to the exchanges or they are managing themselves?

  3. Makinde says:

    Am from Nigeria if buy now ..I am investing with organization or what..if NXT price move up can I sell or exchange to other currency.

    1. Nxtadmin says:

      Hi Makinde,

      Yes, you can always buy and sell NXT whenever you want. Use Poloniex, Bittrex or BTC38 exchanges for this. Good luck!

  4. Rahul Samaddar says:

    I have a number of MMNXT in my polo wallet. Is there any way I can use that to buy NXT??
    Would be really helpful if you can guide me in that aspect.

    1. Nxtadmin says:

      MMNXT is just one of the hundreds assets on the Nxt Asset Exchange. You can sell them I think and get NXT for it. Good luck!

  5. don says:

    What happens if you have a lot of NXT most of the time, but zero out for a day, and then put it back the next day. Does your entire ‘average’ holding restart if you hit zero NXT, or it just averages out regardless of the amount you have?

    1. Nxtadmin says:

      Every hour a snapshot is taken, for 3 months. The average of your amount of NXT is what you receive in Ardor assets. So you will have a small percentage less when you have nothing only one day.

  6. Usnuyh says:

    Hi. Can i buy nxt at poloniex and just leave it there and do nothing to get ardor??

    1. Damelon says:

      Yes, snapshots are also made on Poloniex.

  7. g says:

    I thought you get 1 Ardor for 1 NXT? is that correct.

    1. Nxtadmin says:

      Yes, over a period of 3 months until 12 October you will get 1 Ardor for 1 Nxt. But when you step in now, two months have past already, so you will get 1/3 Ardor tokens for your NXT.

      1. Cody says:

        I don’t understand your comment, we have a period of 3 months until October 12 for 1 NXT = 1 Ardor. Why does that change if we step in now because 2 months have passed? It’s not October like you said. Plus how are you able to tell the time frame, if we bought and exchange it for Ardor on Poloniex?

        1. Nxtadmin says:

          Every hour a snapshot is taken until block 1000000. The average of the hourly snapshots is how many Ardor you will get.

          1. JD says:

            There is a contradiction to what you are saying… The claim states that AFTER OCT 12th, snapshots will be taken. Only one is needed, on that date the 13th, but that is besides the point. You said two months have passed, but that is not what the claim is stating. It states that snapshots have not started, and will not start, until AFTER OCT 12th.

      2. Trevor says:

        If I bought 200,000 NXT during this past week I will only get a very small amount of ARDOR because of the time of my trade? I think I am beginning to understand why someone said this was a dev strategy for a money grab. The price was pumped due to the Press Release months ago, and then a calculated, slow selling of shares by the devs occurred, since they knew the average-based snapshots would diminish ownership in ARDOR by those that bought later. I cannot seem to account for this averaging conversion system any other way.

        1. Nxtadmin says:

          No true, the devs are not selling anything. The buy/sell of NXT is just between sellers and buyers on exchanges. The devs dit not earn money with this, I don’t know how they have could. The people who love NXT hold it to secure IGNIS, the first childchain on Ardor. Why would they sell? Sorry, your story doesn’t rime with happened here. The foundation and the devs made sure everybody could join Ardor, they learned from the mistake of bad distribution in the beginning of Nxt. That’s why they made a large period for snapshotting (3 months), so everybody could join. Hope this answers your question.

  8. Nxtadmin says:

    Hi JD,

    Where do you see that claim? Snapshots are taken from July 14 until block 1000000 (approx. 12 October).

  9. Panos says:

    Ardor will be tradble only with NXT?

    1. Nxtadmin says:

      No, also with BTC. It’s the choice of the exchanges how ARDR can be traded.

  10. thane says:

    where can I sell my ardor?

    1. Nxtadmin says:

      You can sell in on the Nxt Asset Exchange in the Nxt Client. Trading is happening now!

      1. Hassan says:

        I can’t find my ardor in my NXT wallet. Why it show 0 ardr? I want to transfer my ardr to the exchnage. Can you please help. Thanks!


    when will ardor be distributed

    1. Nxtadmin says:

      Is has been distributed today! 🙂

  12. Tyler Winklevoss says:

    it’s already tradinG!

  13. Andy says:

    When will Ardor be distributed to nxt holders on poloniex?

  14. Shawn says:

    Had 32,000 NXT on Oct 13th in Poloniex now I only have 10519.55071305 Ardor thought it was 1:1

  15. Deez says:

    I am not able to see any ardor, during the snapshot period it was showing on my account at https://wallet.mynxt.info and its zero now. where are the ardors gone ?

  16. Indeed says:

    I have 6000 Nxt on a brokers exchange. Am i too late to get this transferred to Ardor?

  17. Senkelbert says:

    how can I get IGNIS?

    1. Nxtadmin says:

      When Ardor motherchain is launched in Q3 2017, IGNIS, the first childchain on Ardor, will be distributed to everyone who holds NXT. Probably you will get 50% IGNIS for you NXT (and you will keep your NXT too).

  18. TheCodeMan says:

    Does anyone know when ARDR will start trading on Poloniex?

    1. Nxtadmin says:

      Poloniex has started trading Ardor! 🙂

  19. Bagus H. Nugroho says:

    Thanks, i held some NXT and i get Ardor. Good luck everybody!

  20. Rob says:

    During the snapshot period mynxt.info showed over 130,000 ARDR; now I’m showing zero. I realize that this is a third party app, but I’m getting no support from them. Please help.

    1. Nxtadmin says:

      Mynxt.info is a third-party website (not the same as the Nxt Client Software) and the developer is away for a few days. He will fix it when he’s back.

  21. Sokka says:

    I’m new to NXT and was wondering if I need to invest in NTX or ARDR?

    1. Nxtadmin says:

      It’s up to you of course. But Ardor is (for now) more aiming to the future. Nxt will get support and updates, but the new features will go into Ardor and his childchain, called IGNIS.

      1. Sokka says:

        Ah I thought that Ardor was going to replace NXT. So correct me if i’M wrong but NXT Will Be the main program untill Ardor Will Be released. What happens if I invest in NXT and i want to change it to Ardor? Is that possible. Or am i completely wrong? And need to get back to step 1

  22. Alex says:

    I am totally confused. A few months ago I read all about NXT and now I decided to use it to certify the ownership of the original text I’ve written. But then I came here and realized something that is called ARDOR. I don’t understand what is it. What happened with NXT ? and can I use it. May I trust it in future if I use it now? what gonna happen with my transaction?

    1. Nxtadmin says:

      Hi Alex, Now worries. Not is going to stay as it is. Ardor is Nxt 2.0 with more advanced features.

  23. Guy Beauchesne says:

    Wondering if it is preferable to wait and buy IGNIS on the ARDOR exchange at launch or to buy NXT now, knowing that half of it will be added as IGNIS to my account at launch. Thanks for helping me on this.

  24. n3lz says:

    so what if I didnt participate? this means I missed on ARDOR?

    1. Steffen says:

      ARDOR is traded at exchanges like poloniex, you can buy it there if you want (like I did).
      Or get the NXT wallet, I think you can also buy it with NXT in the wallet’s build-in asses exchange.

  25. ikr38 says:

    I’ve a couple of questions.
    When we will get our stake 1:1 of Nexts in Ardor? When we will get 0,5 IGNIS per Ardor?

    Thanks for your attention.

  26. Nxtadmin says:

    You don’t get Ardor anymore for NXT, that was last year in 2016. You will get 0.5 IGNIS for your NXT in Q3 2017.

  27. csibusz says:


    I have some nxt on my wallet and i can1t see my ardors. My wallet is wallet.mynxt.info do you guys know what could be the problem?

  28. Zendrio says:

    Dear Ardor,
    I would like to invest in your project, but there are about 998.999.983 NXT coins around. I would like to know how many Ardor tokens or coins there will be around.

  29. Roman says:

    Hi guys!

    What is the exact date of nxt snapshot for ignis distribution?

  30. Nxtadmin says:

    Thanks for all your replies. I advice to go to https://nxtforum.org or join Slack https://nxtchat.herokuapp.com for all your questions regarding Ardor and IGNIS.

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